Falling or jumping from a platform or springboard in to water while usually performing acrobatics is called as diving. It is recognised internationally as a sport which is also a part of Olympic Games.

Scuba diving

The most popular form of diving nowadays is scuba diving. It is performed underwater in which the person who is scuba diving has a self contained breathing apparatus underwater which help them in breathing while they are underwater. It is different from other kind of diving because in their diving either you have to hold your breath or gas breathing pumped from the surface, but in scuba diving one can carry their source of breathing with themselves which help them in the comfortable movement underwater for long time instead of holding your breath which is very difficult.

The underwater experience

In our busy life we have forget the art of living and enjoying the beautiful life what we have got. With these perplexities, one needs their inner batteries to be re-charged at regular intervals. Going on a walk, feeling the weather, swimming at the beaches, feeling the fresh air is the small things in life which brings little state of peace of mind in one’s life. Though our life is stuck with work but that doesn’t mean one should not take a break from work and should enjoy. Enjoying life and making memories will realise how beautifully you are living your life. One of the most beautiful experiences is scuba diving. One will realise there is beauty even underwater too.  Exploring underwater is something one should learn. Experience how deep the ocean is?  Diving is an art. It will rejuvenate your inner being again.  You are swimming with plants around you, different types of fishes, shell, and the smallest touch to your body. Those small little things around you will make you feel lively and beautiful.  Once you try scuba diving, you will want to try it and experience it again and again. Scuba diving is must trying and you will remember your whole life time.

Facts you should learn while scuba diving

Scuba diving should be practiced under the supervision of the trainer only.  Check all your equipment and important weight which your body has to carry properly. Learn all the basic techniques before you plan for your visit underwater. It’s scary at first but as you are comfortable you will totally love the experience.