When arranging the remodel of your 2-room BTO level, you conceivably have a fabulous vision of how things will end up. It’s not difficult to envision the smooth, present-day, and smoothed-out home inside plan that will give you the contemporary level you’ve generally longed for.

When the underlying flood of energy of gathering the keys dies down, the following quick idea is how and when to start the redesign interaction and what bundles are accessible.

Renovating another house is an enormous task to attempt and an expensive one. Find harmony of mind and abstain from spending more than whatever you’ve planned for your BTO level. 

Tips For Renovation

Ensure you adhere to every one of the guidelines set by the Singapore Housing and Department Board. You can likewise check with the ID for more data.

The beneath list can likewise assist you with renovation better: 


  • Recruit an expert that is ideal for your arrangements
  • Alongside a fashioner, you ought to consistently quantify your rooms and furniture yourself
  • Set up a course of events that is adaptable somewhat
  • Set up a spending plan with an additional 20% territory for the latest possible moment changes



  • Try not to go overboard on stylistic theme things like tosses and divider medicines without buying quality essentials
  • Try not to settle on cumbersome furniture for a minimal room
  • Try not to reduce back on quality for cost
  • Stay away from any development or establishment without an expert 

Things You Should Know About Bto Renovation Package

Factors Affecting BTO renovation costs

  • Size of BTO Flat

The bigger your level, the higher the bto renovation package singapore costs. This is because more unrefined components, outfitting, and work are needed to assemble your home. For instance, assuming you have a lot of dividers to cover, painting expenses can add up.

  • Who Renovates your BTO Flat

Except if you have the aptitude to complete redesign works, a great many people pick from these three remodel supplier choices: inside originators (IDs), project workers, or plan and-assemble administrations. Costs fluctuate depending on assistance levels, workmanship, ability, and occupation scope.

  • Materials Used for your BTO level

On the off chance that you’re the sort who demands custom carpentry or parquet wood flooring, it’s not difficult to pile up cosmic redesign costs because of the materials required. For example, barring the subfloor layer, clay tiles commonly cost $10 to $12 per square foot, yet hardwood ground surface will slow you down $30 to $50 per square foot.