About SAMS company

SAMS is the acronym for Sustainable Asset Management Solutions. This is an electronic waste recycling company that effectively uses its services to dispose of electronic wastes like television, refrigerator, washing machines, laptops, and personal computers.

Services of SAMS company

SAMS company works to do the following services of clearing electronic waste.

  • ITAD Disposition
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Value Recovery
  • Intellectual Property
  • Reverse Supply Chain

How Electronic waste is disposed of at SAMS company

Electronic waste is the recycling of waste that is deposited after the usage of electronic scrap materials like laptops, personal computers, home appliances like television, refrigerators, etc. SAMS is an e waste recycling and disposal in singapore.

  • Once receipt of the hazardous electronic waste, the parts present in each of the electronic items will be dismantled separately.
  • If electronic waste comes as mixed electronic waste, then they will be separated manually first and balance materials that need to be scrapped down will be sent for the scrapping process.
  • The scrap material from the domestic and industrial wastes are collected and they are made into small metal shreds.
  • Further, the metal shreds are passed into the medium of absorption where hazardous wastes are separated and compostable waste is sent to earth for decaying.
  • There will be downstream processes that segregate the costliest metals and send off other metals for conversion into decayable metal.
  • Sometimes, the waste may be reused like polyester waste can be reused and made as polyester bottles.
  • As we all know, technological advancements are causing more problems in terms of making the environment more friendly.
  • To save the environment, it is essential to implement recycling for electronic wastes which helps to keep the environment happy as well.

E waste recycling and disposal in singapore

Why is SAMS the best?

SAMS is a very standardized company possessing large-scale production possibilities to convert electronic wastes into the earth-absorbing decaying matter.

  • SAMS mainly targets the complete scrap decomposition process so that the end products enter as very minute crystal salts.
  • SAMS help to maintain the zero landfilling technique.
  • The efficiency of process sequences is made to highly work on the decomposition techniques and abilities.
  • Learn the basics of scrapping and decomposing in order to achieve the sense of touch provided by SAMS company.
  • SAMS is the top most company performing in electronic waste recycling in Singapore.
  • Many industrial experts also seek SAMS as their methods are promising.


Seek SAMS for e waste recycling and disposal in Singapore.