Natural disasters are caused by the due negative impact of mortal attempts and are basically natural hazards when they strike an inhabited community or place. Such an event, also known as an extreme event causes great loss of life, damages possessions, and generally leaves impactful economic damage in its wake and after effects. Although a natural disaster can strike any country or region in the world, the most damages are inflicted in areas where the tectonic plates are meeting each other, as these places are vulnerable to earthquakes which can become a primary disaster for several different types of secondary and tertiary disasters. Pakistan is also situated in a region where two tectonic plates push against each other, which makes it vulnerable to most natural perils. It is, unfortunately, prone to floods, earthquakes, storms, and drought as well. The extreme weather conditions often cause famines and heavy monsoons in the regions across the country which affect millions of lives and livelihoods. During the early 2000s, the country also suffered greatly from terrorism which also inflicted great damage on the lives of the residents. The only relief from such calamities at that time was bashir dawood and his organization which helped thousands of individuals to regain their way of life.

The Dawood Foundation in association with Bashir And Mariyam Dawood for good

bashir dawood

The Dawood foundation supported by Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood worked greatly to create a prominent contribution to the relief efforts in Pakistan during difficult times to help the people and the country. It focused on providing need-based grants and relief services to the people who wanted to claim such services. They aimed at holistic development and getting better at providing for the people as they volunteered by working tirelessly to provide relief to those in need. Through investing in the communities that were suffering the most, and providing basic amenities to the required houses they made sure to create an impact as they worked not for excellence but for the betterment of the general public in hopes of returning to the community.


The firm is great at distributing the items required for any household. They incorporate teamwork and offer creativity to make the best for everyone. They aim at fulfilling goals while following certain values and creating the biggest network for distributing the required devices and items to homes where they are demanded.