Internal Auditors are Auditors who are qualified to conduct QMS audits within the organization or in the organization’s vendor system. A qualified internal auditor receives¬†iso 9001:2015 training singapore for the quality management system. It is an important asset for the organization that will clearly guide the organization’s processes to achieve organizational goals of improving the quality of the Quality Management system .

Why take the Internal Auditor course?

With iso 9001 training as an Internal Auditor course in the Quality Management system, it is one of the best efforts to qualify as an ISO Internal Auditor. The appointed delegate can demonstrate in real terms the imposition of a quality Management system by issuing effective control over the required areas. A well-designed course will guide delegates to remember and reuse corrective concepts that make delegates initiate positive steps towards organizational improvement.

iso 9001:2015 training singapore

Various Teaching Methods ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor:

Virtual Classroom Methods

In this ISO 9001 Internal Auditor training method, delegates will study the assessment of slides, exercises, case studies, discussions on scenarios, etc. Course structures are designed with activities, quizzes, and exercises that will be guided by tutors. This method will help participants to develop skills in conducting audits and identification, recording, and non-conformity audit based on the applicable ISO 9001 standards.

Open House Method

In this method, the training course will be organized for two days before the program is opened. IAS has conducted these public programs regularly in major cities in Indonesia. So, you can check the upcoming schedule according to the selected date with the corresponding program.

Internal Program Methods

This method in the ISO 9001 training method can be carried out specifically for employees of a particular organization (home training) in the agreed place.

What’s in it for you?

  • Obtaining an Internal Auditor Certificate helps to gain professional excellence
  • Gain expert knowledge of Quality management systems and your qualifications to join the Main Auditor Course.
  • Helping to improve organizations to focus on risk-based thinking
  • Contribute to the consistent growth of the organization
  • Streamline an organization’s operational processes effectively
  • Improved supply chain management efficiency

Who should attend?

  • Quality Executive/Manager
  • management representatives
  • Existing internal auditor QMs
  • SMM Consultant
  • People who want to make a career in SMM audits


Delegates must previously have a basic understanding (awareness) of QMS standards or be able to attend basic understanding training (awareness) first. If you have worked in an ISO environment and maintained the information that has been determined you can take this training for further improvement to become a Lead Auditor.
The Course Agenda
  • Audit the perspective of a wise clause and source of evidence.
  • Audit basics
  • Conducting an Internal Audit
  • Write a Mismatch report
  • Steps of knowledge in closing non-conformity.
  • Final examination of the internal auditor