Children with hearing loss have problems with understanding or hearing sounds. The hearing loss can only be in one ear (unilateral) or can be both (bilateral). It is observed that children with hearing loss can have problems with learning. Teachers, healthcare providers, audiologists, and even parents have to work together for learning for hearing impaired children. This is to aid the child to be familiar with their hearing loss and to know their child’s needs and the best equipment.

Different equipment and strategies may be effective for different children. Hearing loss can impact a child mildly or in a very profound way. Kids can lose their hearing through infections, injuries, or long exposure to loud noises. Or are born with hearing loss.

learning for hearing impaired children

Check the signs to know if a child has hearing loss:


  • Not paying attention or following directions
  • Having unclear or limited speech
  • Asking for information to be repeated or hearing only parts of a conversation
  • Do not hear every day sounds like morning announcements or school bell
  • Learning problems

Hearing loss has a chance to only be temporary, yet when it’s not there are some therapies, technologies, and other treatments to help. Devices like cochlear implants and hearing aids can enhance a child’s ability to hear. Speech reading or sign language can also make it easier to communicate. A world-leading that helps children with hearing loss is the Shepherd Centre. They aid children to learn to speak and listen. They aid thousands of children to reach their potential.


Some programs and services offered by the Shepherd Centre are:

  • Early intervention for toddlers and babies
  • World-leading first sounds implant program
  • Inclusive preschools rated exceeding
  • School-age services and school readiness programs
  • Youth mentoring for teenagers with their partners Hear for you

First Sounds Implant Program

  • The First Sounds Implant Program is a collective initiative of the Sydney Children’s Hospital and The Shepherd Centre. It is an integrative service that specializes in offering optimal and early access to sound for children with hearing loss. The program offers medical, audiological, and family support. Also as language, speech, and listening services. All of these are vital to support their family and to support a child. With devices such as Baha and cochlear implants.

Learning to speak and listen with a hearing device

            The main way for children to learn to speak and listen is through using their listening. Most children with hearing loss use a hearing device that can fit to louden the sounds around them. Thus, children can learn about sounds for communication such as listening, language, or speaking. And recreation like dancing, singing, and music. Children must have good access to sounds since a lot of pieces of information are communicated through sounds.