Effective communication can help disabled individuals and the elderly to get in touch with help on time. Being disabled may prevent them from moving around easily and they may not be able to connect with the people that matter at any particular time. Making available to them a means of communication can turn things around and ease the process of communication for them. If you have a family member that is disabled, it will not be a bad idea if you purchase a mobile device for the individual to enable hitch-free communication at any time. Easy communication will enable them to connect with healthcare providers and loved ones on time so that they can get the needed help when emergencies arise. You can help your elderly and disabled loved ones to communicate better and faster by providing them with a Phone For Disability.

One outlet you can always trust for quality communication services for the disabled in Australia is none other than Konnekt. Check below for few of the many features that make this outlet to truly stand out from the crowd.

Access to the world simplest phone

Konnekt offers the world simplest phone to the disabled to make communication very easy for them. The phone offered here is designed specifically for those living with disabilities and the elderly. Even those with hearing loss can rely on the phone for a more effective communication at any particular time. Since it is a very simple device, the phone can be operated hassle-free by virtually anyone, removing complications that can prevent effective communication. Phone For Disability can help the individual living with disabilities, like dementia or memory loss to boost their cognitive ability. The device can also reduce depression risk since the individual can easily communicate with the concerned professionals to help out.

Phone with easy control

You do not have to know anything about technology to be able to use this device, which is one of the many features that make it to truly stand out from the crowd. The phone offers one touch calling feature and you can even connect with the individual you want to communicate with face to face via the video call feature supported by the device. The beauty of it is that the device can connect with any device, like the traditional telephone, PC, Smartphone, tablet, and iPad. The phone from Konnekt also offers auto answers feature. When any of your loved ones with disabilities call you using the phone from Konnekt, the phone will respond automatically without waiting for the individual to pick the call first. Some other features of the phone from Konnekt are:

  • No need for nay configuration process
  • Sound is audible
  • Names saved on the device are very easy to see for easy dialing
  • The buttons are huge
  • No need for any computer skill to use it.