What is the goal of the churches? There is only one answer to this: to put the people united with their beliefs and transform lives leading to their destiny. With many churches evolving nowadays, which one tells the truth? Nobody can tell the truth, but only Jesus Christ.

Planetshakers Melbourne church is preaching the message of Jesus Christ based on the unfailing truth of the Bible. The church was established 18 years ago, catering to all ages and cultures. If you are interested in what to expect from the church, then you can freely read below.

The belief of the Planetshakers church

There is only one belief in the church: to put people as one according to Jesus Christ’s desire for power to transform lives and relationships, which lead them to destiny. Planetshakers church believes in miracles and honoring the authority and presence of the Holy Spirit.

Planetshakers had the same beliefs as the other churches, such as uniting people into one and following what the Bible says. Everyone serves one another.

What is in the Planetshakers church?

Planetshakers church has one belief, in believers’ unity, they have faith in God. The services of the church are contemporary, performed through the following:

  • Interactive praise and worship
  • Opportunities to encounter God the Father
  • Applicable and relevant messages

The church is very welcoming. So, if your mother tongue is not English, then they can translate into three languages:

  1. Mandarin
  2. Spanish
  3. Korean

Secure and fun-filled for the children

What makes the church different from the other churches is to ensure that your children are safe while you are going to the church. You can bring your children while keeping them feel not bored. The safe and fun-filled environment of the indoor playground and play center makes children enjoy – an age-appropriate church.

Children can safely enjoy and have fun while parents are worshiping. So, there is no need for you to worry if you have no one can be left for your kiddos while you are in the church – bring them. Not only that! The church has been sponsoring teenagers to seek the place where they belong, mentoring in helping them thrive, and cutting-edge creativity.

Planetshakers don’t let people feel that they are another person. Instead, they treat everyone as a family. It is how everyone will feel while in the same belief. There will be no special treatment in the church; everyone is fairly equal. There are no rich, no middle people, and no less fortunate.

Extra programs

Planetshakers is not just a church where people unite to praise and worship God. But, it is also a church with several programs offered. They support university students in terms of community, support, and mentorship.

Empowering the people to live their best lives is a very inspiring vision and mission of the church.