A lot of people love to do DIY projects during their free time. But there are certain problems at home that should warrant an expert to avoid more costly repairs. Some plumbing problems seem easy to fix, but if you don’t have any plumbing know-how, you will end up with a bigger problem in the end.

As much as you enjoy doing work on your own, when it comes to the toilet and sink leaks, it is best to leave those to the plumber. Here are some of the most common instances when you should get help from Reece to arrange a plumber for you.

Not  Even A Drop Of Water

You turn your faucet and you find no water. You try other faucets, yet, still not even a drop. This can be a huge plumbing issue that you should not try to fix on your own if you are not a plumber. Usually, frozen pipes, major leaks, and backups are the main causes of water loss. The last thing you want is to have water flooding your home. So call your plumber right away.

No Hot Water


Yes, you have water running, but it’s not hot. It is normal to lose some hot water when one of you at home spends a lot of time in the shower. However, if you have waited for some time now and still no hot water coming out of your faucet, you know that it’s time to call your plumber. Your plumber can help troubleshoot the problem and find a solution as soon as possible.

Low Water Pressure

Another common plumbing issue that a lot of people tend to disregard is low water pressure. If you notice that the water pressure is weaker compared to how it should be, then call your plumber. It can be in just one faucet, which is usually just a minor fix. However, if it’s the same for the entire home, then it could be a more serious plumbing issue that only expert plumbers can fix.

Drains Don’t Work

Water flow is going great, however, your drainage system does not do its job, or takes a long time for water to go down. Clogs are a very common plumbing issue. You can try a plunger or a plumber’s snake to remove any debris or hair down the drain. If this does not work, then it is best to call an expert.

Any plumbing problem, no matter how minor it seems, should not be taken for granted. The first sign of any of the above situations must be reported to the plumber as soon as possible. This way, you can avoid low water supply, or having none at all to use throughout the day.