It’s not easy to find your ideal rug in Singapore. After an excessive number of lengthy searches for the perfect carpet. These are Singapore’s leading home decor retailers for buy carpets Singapore, carrying anything from sisal and jute to flat woven and plastic rugs. No more rugging it! This family-run business has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the Singaporean market for oriental carpets. The classic antique rugs, which scream “vintage chic,” have a long history, whereas the contemporary rugs are limited editions made with artisan partners. The collections are gorgeous and range from expensive to reasonably priced. For vibrant colors and ornate patterns that will be a talking point at your next dinner party, check out the tribal and village collection.

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Affordable Style Files is a luxurious home goods retailer founded by fashion expert Hong Henwood. The floor coverings are lightweight and straightforward to clean; shake or water them off to restore them to like-new condition. They are also adaptable enough for usage both indoors and outdoors. Watch out for the fair-trade handmade rugs manufactured by local craftsmen under the Armadillo & Co brand. Very stylish. The most reasonably priced and unusualĀ buy carpets singapore can be found at Forty-Two. You want to make your room more cheerful, what should you do? These are checkboxes that the Sedulle and Schiatta carpets will check. The Tamia, Tobie, or Tevin carpets are ideal additions toyour children’s bedrooms. Naturally, customers may also choose from the retailer’s selection of traditional styles like tasseled rugs.

The price of rugs need not be prohibitive. Ling’s Carpets are evidence. While we’d avoid the printed ones, shaggy pile rugs and contemporary oriental carpets are timeless options you can’t go wrong with. They also provide consultation if you need help choosing one to fit your living space. Bungalow 55 will be well-known to everyone who loves furniture. It houses the island’s most distinctive and high-quality home furnishings, obtained internationally. The variety of rugs here includes anything from woven outdoor fiber rugs to printed wool carpets, fusing classic and modern styles in neutral tones. This local business has excellent taste; after all, its mission is to provide products of exceptional quality and design. HipVan is your solution if you’re torn between purchasing high-end carpeting or budget rugs. We think the felt carpets are the best because they are beautiful and straightforward.