As a result, our clients and their dogs deserve nothing less! So, our CBD products for cats are derived from hemp grown in Colorado and Oregon, per our company’s policy. Our CBD for cats is made with all-natural and organic ingredients. In addition, we exclusively utilize “wide spectrum CBD oil,” as the market calls it, in our products. For more information,visit official website of Holistapet.

The Entourage Effect: What Is It?

Broad-spectrum CBD oil has been shown to have a more potent effect than isolated CBD (CBD-only products). Some additional cannabinoids and chemicals work together to enhance the CBD’s impact on a broad spectrum of oil.

What is CBD, and how will it benefit my pet?

CBD is among the most commonly used compounds in hemp. CBD oil contains many of the same health benefits as marijuana without the euphoric “high” effect, despite hemp containing several well-known chemical components. CBD oil has gained much attention in recent years from everyone, including the authorities, professional sports, veterinarians, and, of course, Cannabidiol for cats!

It’s my pet’s health at stake

The FDA does not yet regulate products, so keep that in mind if you want to purchase them for your cat. Be sure to do your homework on the benefits of CBD oil for cats before giving it to your pet.

Consider Analyses Done in a Lab

A wide variety of CBD oil items are sold. The quality of CBD oil might vary considerably. It would help if you always looked for lab test results when purchasing CBD oil for cats. Choosing the lowest choice is not always a good idea since it may include dangerous ingredients. THC concentrations can be found in lab results. Tobacco’s main psychotropic component is THC.

The quantity of THC in the product is critical

CBD oil for kitties that includes less than 0.3 percent THC is used in all our products. HolistaPet products would not cause your cat to get intoxicated. A greater concentration of THC in cannabis-derived goods might have an effect.

Can cats tolerate CBD products?

Most cats are tolerant of the hemp plant’s naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD). Even though CBD oil for cats has been shown to have some minor adverse effects, most of them go away as your pet acclimates to it. When it comes to the most prevalent CBD side effects in cats, it’s the dry mouth and sleepiness.