Besides buying a condo, renting a condo is also difficult. If you don’t have a proper plan to rent a condo, then it will be a quite discouraging factor. Especially in the case where you are not available to live in a condo, you have to rent it. Most of the people don’t accept to resell the condo they buy and in turn, some condo communities never allow to resell or for rental too. This is why if you want to rent a condo like a new condo west coast singapore then you have to be aware of what mistakes you do commonly before renting it.

Renting a condo like a new condo west coast singapore seems more profitable to some buyers. You know the basic knowledge on renting a condo is important. It is not easy to rent a house or apartment than a condo as it seems difficult that most of the guys want some privacy from the neighborhood.  Some want a comfortable mode of living and they don’t want to listen to even a single footstep from the neighbor end. To handle such types of people, renters must handle tenants more logically.

plenty of benefits with condo ownership

Apart from it, some common mistakes that condo owners do that avoids tenants living in your condo:

  • Fixing the rental price of the condo is high and it is the initial mistake that the condo owners do. Being a condo owner, you have to rent your condo for a reasonable price based on your condo location and the size of your condo. Then only tenants might think about your condo. Remember that, tenants think more and visit the number of condos before your condo visit. They will compare the prices from the past condos they visit. Based on that, they will consider your condo whether to live in your condo or not.
  • You know if you leave your condo vacant for months like that, you will lose more money without renting it for a reasonable price. Remember that, you have to pay loans, insurances, taxes, and all into consideration before overpricing the rent of your condo.
  • Always think that renting the condo for the lower price is not at all a loss. You can increase the rent price for some span of years. If you give rent for a low price, it is more advantageous if you follow this strategy of earning in the long run, you will get more profits gradually rather than leaving the condo for years with zero rent during your absence. So, think big.
  • If you feel the amenities in your condo are getting older, try to change with the new appliances. It is an added advantage to make your condo look more visually great. So, you can’t find the problem of your condo being vacant with zero rents.
  • Never try to pressurize your tenant with high-priced security deposits. This is also the major reason why your condo remains still vacant.


Hope the above reasons portray that the condos are left vacant with zero rents. Just try to avoid pressurizing the tenant in a motive of getting profits easily through rentals.