The need of the day is to club both of them by making TVs internet ready. Most of the television manufactures today are providing an inbuilt facility in TV sets to connect with internet but the older models of TV don’t provide such a facility, instead of replacing the whole TV set people may prefer a cheaper option of finding a device that will help them to connect internet on TV i.e. to build internet TV.

How to get internet on TV?

Internet TV is your usual television with access to all the content on television and the tv screen acts as a high resolution display for viewing the content on TV. This practice started as early as in mid 1990s but the development happened only recently after the access to high speed internet became more affordable and widely used. And also major TV manufacturers like Samsung, song and lg started manufacturing sets that had inbuilt Ethernet port and all the other necessary equipment necessary to access Internet content.

The users will have access to various services like video games, new updates, sports information, and weather reports. It also gives access to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and also facility to make video calls and international calls through Skype or Pandora for music.

How to access internet through Television

It is quite easy, all it requires is a TV set that has equipment (inbuilt or external) to help connect to a cable and high speed internet connection

The simplest way to get internet on TV is by connecting the TV set to pc through a video cable, TV screen does function of the monitor here. The only drawback of this type of connection is that the users have to buy long cables to connect the TV and pc if they are not placed near to each other along and also purchase a wireless keyboard to access. By doing this the users will be able to access two devices in one place.

If the users want to avoid the trouble of using a long cable they can use a Digital Media Adapter, or a streaming device. These are easily available in the market by almost all the major manufacturer like Amazon, Netflix and Apple selling different versions. But they all do the same function of connecting internet to TV wirelessly.

The largest manufacturer and provider of adapters is IOGEAR, which helps in accessing internet wirelessly through a USB port on router.

Internet embedded Blu-ray player is another method of accessing the internet on TV. The Blu-ray discs and videos are high definition video players with access points to portable and removable media, they even provide for storage of data up to 50 GB of data, and access to almost all the popular websites like YouTube, Netflix and Pandora are available. They can be bought for less than $150 which makes them highly cost effective amongst users.

Next gen video game system is another way to connect the TV to internet. Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s X-box and Nintendo Wii allow connectivity on TV to internet through them acting as connecting channels i.e. consoles.